Using Subscriptions to Democratize Healthcare

with Matthew Mengerink, CTO of Thirty Madison

Hair and shaving products on a bathroom counter
Democratize Healthcare: Of the $2.2 trillion that the US spends on healthcare every year, 75% of that is spent on chronic conditions.

We envision a future where every American who copes with a chronic condition, eventually everyone in the world, can access highly affordable, high-quality care based on science that can improve their lives. — Matthew Mengerink

Woman with flowers: Imagine a world where your allergies are blown away. Meet Picnic.
Democratize Healthcare: The democratization comes from an understanding and applicability that’s on equal footing so that everyone has access to the same care on their own terms.

We’re turning it around now. It is now doctors reaching out. It’s a doctor scheduling with you on your time instead of vice versa. — Matthew Mengerink

We absolutely believe that giving people a choice, the freedom to make decisions for themselves without the constraints of insurance, is important. — Matthew Mengerink

Man sitting on bed, holding his head
Democratize Healthcare: When we do offer commerce, it is within that context of making sure that it’s the commerce that does matter.

Our intent across the board is to try to create better and better economics for people. — Matthew Mengerink

man getting hair loss treatment
Democratize Healthcare: The balance of design to allow for ease of awareness and exploration has to be juxtaposed with the exclusivity of concern in the treatment, and it’s a stupidly difficult balance.

The magic occurs when you have transparency, equitability, and a desire to help people. — @mengerin



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