How to Find Your Best Subscribers and Develop Relationships That Last

with Neil Hoyne, Google Chief Measurement Strategist

“The biggest challenge when building fluency around data is the reluctance of people to admit that they have no idea what you’re saying.” — Neil Hoyne

Book cover: Converted by Neil Hoyne
an audience
Best Subscribers: Most companies lack that middle point between the data and the actual money. What’s a strategy that you can use to grow the business?

“After somebody subscribes, after they purchase from you that’s the highest their trust is going to be.” — Neil Hoyne

People in a classroom
Best Subscribers: When people start looking at their business from a lifetime value lens, it allows them to prioritize opinions. It allows them to prioritize data and questions a little bit more.

“When somebody asks what they can do better, they start thinking about how you let them down. What if we ask people about the positives?” — Neil Hoyne

blocks and a magnifying glass
Best Subscribers: Once you understand who your great customers are, understand why. What makes them different?

“Two great tips: use the thank you page, and ask about share-of-wallet. — Neil Hoyne

Man in front of computer
Best Subscribers: We tend to trust ourselves and our intuition more than we trust data. Data rarely wins. It’s oftentimes the people in the room that will make that decision



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Robbie K Baxter

Author of THE FOREVER TRANSACTION & THE MEMBERSHIP ECONOMY; Leading expert on membership models and subscription pricing.