Beyond Subscriptions — Pricing for Impact with Harvard Business School/Esade Professor Marco Bertini

Marco Bertini
Pricing For Impact: To make proper pricing decisions, you need to understand the demands and supply curves.

Customers do business with you because they have a problem and they wish you can solve it for them.

The Ends Game book cover
The Ends Game: How Smart Companies Stop Selling Products and Start Delivering Value (Management on the Cutting Edge)

It’s essential to understand what outcome the customers want from your product.

Graphics on a screen
Pricing For Impact: If you have these three things: access, consumption, and performance, then you will get your desired outcome.

Look backwards and re-engineer products and services to make sure they achieve the best possible outcome.

Boxes on a desk, woman talking on phone
Pricing For Impact: Your value offering doesn’t have to be anchored on your product.

Place yourself in an environment where you’re pressured to make a positive change.

Pricing For Impact: On a subscription model, your customers pay you when they actually get satisfaction.



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