Newsletters and envelopes

I don’t know about you, but my inbox is full of newsletters.

Some of these newsletters are really just daily ads, reminders from manufacturers and retailers to come back and buy more. Some are from software and media organizations, encouraging me to use the features and read the content I’m…

Talking with WarnerMedia’s Molly O’Connor

Molly O’Connor

Much has been written about the so-called streaming wars. The market for streaming video content is crowded with players, each with unique strengths from Netflix‘s digital native early adopter status to the platform power of Apple and Amazon. To the highly specific and valuable content of niche players like Crunchyroll

Woman looking through a telescope
Photo credit to Adam Fagen

Subscriptions are everywhere. Big companies, small companies, public, private, venture-backed, bootstrapped, and across virtually every industry.

And many are starting to complain of “subscription fatigue”.

They might feel that the subscription pricing isn’t justified by the offer (a Product/Market Fit problem).

Or maybe they feel bad about fact that they…

Xiaohe Li
Xiaohe Li

Pricing is one of the trickiest parts of building a successful subscription model. You want to make the model simple, transparent and easy to understand, but you also want it to be optimized for each customer, and of course to maximize revenue and profitability. It can be tempting to offer…

Premium programs are not the only way to build a member-relationship with customers.

people holding phones and tablets
Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash

For the last fifty years or so, for many marketers, “Loyalty” has been synonymous with points programs. Nearly every hospitality organization and retailer has a points program to drive engagement in episodic businesses. The value on both…

Dave Cobban
Dave Cobban

Launching something new is always tricky. It can be especially challenging to be entrepreneurial inside a global brand like Nike. You want to align with the broader goals of the organization while also staying nimble and creative. When you’re introducing subscription models into a transactionally-oriented organization, the stakes are even…

And How is it Different from Amazon Prime, Walmart + and the others?

Best Buy sign
Photo cred: Mike Mozart

Best Buy is experimenting with Premium Loyalty Programs, and piloting “Best Buy Beta (BBB)” in select markets.

According to Best Buy’s website, the $199/yr membership ($179 with a BestBuy card) provides members with benefits including the following:

  • Dedicated and exclusive concierge support
  • Unlimited Geek Squad technical support on all technology…

Elena Verna
Elena Verna

In my work with subscription and membership models, one of the books that influenced me the most was Free: The Future of a Radical Price. Free was written by Chris Anderson, Editor-in-Chief of WIRED Magazine and published in 2009 by Hyperion. That book got me thinking about the role of…

John Lee Dumas speaking into a microphone
John Lee Dumas

When John Lee Dumas began his entrepreneurial journey, he was hungry to learn as much as he could. He decided to share the advice he was getting and joined the growing ranks of podcasters. To stand out from the crowd, he identified an unmet need. When he had first gone…

With Matt Fiedler of Vinyl Me, Please

Matt Fiedler
Matt Fiedler

Matt Fiedler is the cofounder and chairman at Vinyl Me, Please, a record of the month club and online record store. After launching in 2013, Matt successfully scaled Vinyl Me, Please to more than $15 million in revenue while establishing the brand as one of the largest direct-to-consumer vinyl retailers…

Robbie K Baxter

Author of THE FOREVER TRANSACTION & THE MEMBERSHIP ECONOMY; Leading expert on membership models and subscription pricing.

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